Eye / Machine II
Auge / Maschine II
Eye / Machine II
director, scriptwriter: Harun Farocki with Matthias
Rajmann, Ingo Kratisch, Kilian Hirt editor: Max
Reimann. With support from ZDF/3sat, Mainz,
(Inge Classen), Galerie Greene Naftali, New York,
(Carol Greene), and Brugge 2002, European Capital
of Culture / desire productions, Cis Bierinckx
producer: Harun Farocki length: 15 min. format:
video, col. and b/w, 200 note: single-channel-version
How can the distinction between "man" and "machine" still be made given today's technology? In modern weapons technology the categories are on the move: intelligence is no longer limited to humans. In "Eye / Machine II" Farocki has brought together visual material from both military and civilian sectors, showing machines operating intelligently and what it is they see when working on the basis of image processing programs. The traditional man-machine distinction becomes reduced to "eye/machine", where cameras are implanted into the machines as eyes.As a result of the Gulf War, the technology of warfare came to provide an innovative impulse which boosted the development of civilian production. Farocki shows us computer simulated images looking like something out of science-fiction films: rockets steer towards islands set in a shining sea; apartment blocks are blown up; fighter aircraft fire at one another with rockets and defend themselves with virtual flares View More